Right kind of cooking utensils make all the difference in the kitchen. Cooking utensils in a beginner’s kitchen can be typically some skillets, pots, pans, etc. A small assortment of basic cooking utensils like microwave, refrigerator, and oven is also beneficial if it is affordable. Before assorting the cooking utensils, the cooking pattern needs to be analyzed. Those who cook for themselves can be comfortable with cooking utensils like skillet, baking and roasting pan, sauté pan, quart pot, saucepan, stock pot, etc. Most of the cooking can be done with these cooking utensils.


Cooking utensils also affect the nutrition. There may be a possibility that the pan or pots holding the food or handles etc. being used while cooking may impart their molecules and may react with the food. Aluminum and lead have been known to react with food that is being cooked in such cooking utensils. Nonstick surfaces in cooking utensils such as Teflon or Silverstone work well in sauté pans. Plastic handles should be generally avoided as some brands cannot stand oven temperatures. Many cooking utensils have wooden handles this is because wood is not a good conductor of heat so it is less likely to burn your hand if you use cooking utensil with wooden handle.


Thick bottom cooking utensils conduct heat more evenly and thus make cooking easier. A spatula, tongs, a vegetable peeler and a few wooden spoons can also be basic cooking utensils in ones kitchen.


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